1. I’m sitting on a second floor balcony just above the street. This is directly behind me. Tropico!

  2. Looking down into the inner courtyard from the door of my room. Not bad! The room is great… huge bed, huge flatscreen TV, and… surprise! A refrigerator. Hmmm… como se dice, where can I buy some beer to go?

  3. Time for a quick walk in town. Por favor Senor, donde esta uno mercado a comprar cerveza a ir? I’m lead a few friendly steps so we can see around the corner and am pointed to a market a half block down the street. Mucho gracias! Now I’m sitting at a table in the courtyard of my hotel all wi-fied and posting. Con cerveza.

  4. La Posada, the registration and dining area along with rooms. I stayed across the street where there are 2 floors of rooms surrounding an inner courtyard.

  5. Sure enough, after walking a few blocks I found the big blanco. No idea what it is except totally out of place. I walked to that corner and turned right and a block later there was my hotel. That was easy!

  6. Shortly after breakfast I packed up and walked a couple of blocks to board the bus to Naranjo where I would catch another bus to San Ramon. After a couple of easy and inexpensive bus rides I arrived in San Ramon in a couple of hours or less. I got off of the bus on the street in the middle of town and had no idea where I was or where my hotel was.

    And no, that’s not me on the corner. I wouldn’t be caught dead in plaid shorts. I found my way to the central park and sat on a bench in the shade to regroup. I decided to ask someone if they knew where my hotel was. I waited for the right opportunity and saw three middle aged men eating ice cream cones. Hey, how sinister could they be? Perdon, por favor… donde esta La Posada?

    I must have sounded pretty convincing with my crude Espanol because I got rapid-fire Espanol in return. Whoa. Lo siento (I’m sorry) No hablo Espanol pero un poco! One of the men makes the walking motion with his fingers. Si, says I. He points to the corner above, motions to the left and says, cinco. I take that to mean 5 blocks. Then he draws a huge box in the air with both hands ands says, blanco. Ok, some kind of a big something that is white. Then he motions to the right. Gracias, senor!

  7. Hugo enjoying his own breakfast at Soda La Perla, Grecia.

  8. You can see this is really becoming all about the food. This is the breakfast menu. For the prices, delete the last 2 digits so the first item at 1,700 becomes 1.7. Then multiply by 2 and that’s a close approximation in dollars. The second item, which is basically what I had… beans and rice with eggs, is 1,400 colones which is about $2.80. I’m sure that delicious breakfast with great coffee cost less than $4.00 total with gratuity and tax.

  9. Gallo pinto como Roy. Rice and beans with scrambled eggs and diced onions and tomatoes. With grilled tortillas and hot sauce. And that great Costa Rican coffee. Never a bad cup.

  10. Breakfast, day two in Grecia. It was suggested by an online friend that i have breakfast at the Soda La Perla, just a couple of blocks from my hotel. He said Hugo, the owner, was a great guy and the food was excellent and cheap. Order gallo pinto como Roy, he said. Roy is apparently a well-know gringo regular and Hugo knew exactly what I wanted. Without the recommendation I would probably have walked right past this great little restaurant.